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Our company operates in the Major Oil & Gas Servicing Services Category, providing a wide range of oil servicing services. We possess relevant and verifiable technical and special skills to professionally offer these services in major oil and gas service providing segments.

Rehabilitation/Upgrade/Fabrication Works: We offer civil works including minor civil works, construction of culverts and drainage systems, and onshore scaffolding. Our mechanical works include minor mechanical works, minor metal fabrication, and the construction and maintenance of underground storage tanks (UST), surface storage tanks (SST), and overhead tanks. We also provide minor electrical works.

Equipment/Material Supply Services: We supply a variety of general supplies including computers/data storage systems, communication equipment, office and household appliances, gym equipment, agro-allied materials, books, and office stationeries. We also supply heating, cooling, and energy products such as heating and cooling equipment, cold room services, and solar energy products. Our safety, lab, and chemical supplies include laboratory equipment, safety equipment (PPE), chemical supplies for general purposes and analysis, paints/coatings/sealants, fire and gas extinguishers, and firefighting services. We also supply mechanical parts including valves up to 12”, nozzles, flanges, seals, “O” rings, bolts, and nuts.

Consultancy: We offer a range of consultancy services including training/manpower development in areas such as basic safety training, software/IT, engineering, finance/accounts, management/admin., and soft skills training. We also provide community relations services, information technology (hardware and software management), architectural services, engineering services (0-50,000 man-hours), quantity surveying and estate management, local freight/clearing and forwarding, QA/QC services, geotechnical services, hydrogeology, and outsourcing and expediting services.

Laboratory: Our laboratory services include environmental quality monitoring, bio-monitoring/bio-degradability studies, petroleum quality monitoring, sample storage and preservation, geochemical studies, material safety investigation, chemical/mud testing, geological (bio-stratigraphy, etc.), and geotechnical studies.

Onshore Environmental/Waste Management: We offer environmental assessment/studies (EIA, EER, EAR, PIA), office and domestic waste management (non-hazardous), office fumigation and sanitation, sewage evacuation and disposal, waste/used oil transportation, and domestic waste transportation.

Installation and Maintenance Services: We provide civil installation/maintenance and materials, mechanical installation/maintenance and materials, electrical installation/maintenance and materials, plumbing installation/maintenance and materials, fire and gas systems, meters and flow meters, and security and information equipment.

Integrity Test: We conduct pressure testing/leak detection of vessels/pipelines and surface and underground oil and gas storage tanks.

Calibration: We offer calibration of petroleum storage tanks, oil and gas measurement/equipment, relief/pressure safety valves certification, and laboratory equipment.

Haulage: We provide road haulage (goods/materials) and petroleum products haulage.

Data and Measurement: We offer ullage, fiscalization, and cargo survey services.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive services to meet all your oil servicing needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality services promptly and efficiently.

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